Spring Fling Committee

It all started off two years ago when the lot of us was in Lyon for Spring Fling 2014. We had a great weekend and were having breakfast together on Sunday morning. Half in fun, someone said, why don’t we do that in Germany as well. That day, the idea was born and we got hooked. Indepentently, the RSCDS Youth Service Committee had the same idea.

So here we are, the local Spring Fling Bonn Committee:

  • Joana Stausberg, Bonn
  • Judith Fingerhuth, Aalen
  • Kenton Stutz, Freiburg
  • Matthias Rank, Munich
  • Ramona Zohm, Munich
  • Tim Hoffmann, Aalen

You can contact us by writing an e-mail to info@springfling2017.de.